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ブランド エルメス
商品名 エミーユ
型番 --
ライン -
参考定価 -
カラー 赤系
素材 ヴィブラート
サイズ 約W10xH8cm
仕様 本体がま口開閉
付属品 ナシ
商品ランク ABランク  (下記参照)
コメント 外観Aランク、内観ABランク。


製造番号 --
弊社使用欄 ・弊社番号JS1810 /h ・総重量44g


Product ranking standard
 N rank New. Unused.
 S rank Unused.
Items including factory outlet items such as unused products that have been displayed or stored. Some products may have minor scratch or slight stain.
SA rank Used but almost new items in very good condition.
 A rank Used items in good condition with only minor scratch or stain.
AB rank Products equivalent to A rank.
 B rank Used items with sighs of wear such as scratch.
BC rank Products equivalent to B rank and have noticeable damage from scratch and/or friction.
 C rank Used items with high level of damage such substantial sign of wear and/or deterioration.
【About product ranking】
・Product ranking is evaluated based on our standards. It may differ from subjective evaluation of customer. Please note this is only a guide.


価格は安く エルメス HERMES エミーユ /28341【中古】 小銭入れ がま口財布 コインケース-レディースコインケース